Saturday, October 18, 2008

Si in the 3rd (Puer, Puella or Eternal Child) Position

Intraverted Sensation for me is found in my eternal child archetypal location. This is my third most natural function and works really well here. Introverted sensation is about verifying the facts placed in front of you using the knowledge that you already have in you. You take in the information using your 5 senses and reflect on similar situations and information. My story telling tends to come from this function and in the child position these stories give me just as much delight as I hope they give to others.

What seems to me is that this enjoyment in my own stories either irritates those listening or gives the listener just as much entertainment. In Fact sometimes I get people laughing not at the story but at the way I laugh at my own story. When my eternal child is involved, laughing at my story or laughing at me is not a concern as long as laughing is the result.

This function in the eternal child position also brings to it the emotions of the past in my memories through the Si function which is then filtered through the simple mind and heart of a child. For example; detailed recollections of childhood memories brought back by visiting a house I live in 20 years earlier are brought back not just in excruciating detail but with all the fun, and emotions that go with those memories. Of course they could be painful memories too if that is the case. Sharing these memories is a way to verify their reality and the telling in itself is a verification process but I have found that sharing with someone else who was there can be even more fun and provide a greater depth of verification.

This process is often the reason for a class reunion, family reunion or even Bruce Springsteen’s “Glory Days” song.

And yes I do enjoy telling stories in the classes I teach or when I was a helicopter instructor pilot and training new pilots, or anytime I was training something that I have been doing for a while. I shared these stories or "lessons Learned" so that others could learn from my successes and even more importantly, from my failures. After all if I could screw up while flying and I was still here to talk about it, maybe I could keep others from screwing up the same way since they may not be as lucky. For those learning from me this means you have to listen to these stories and hopefully learn from them. But not everyone wants to learn that way. I do understand this and often cut my stories short so as not to turn off the listener if it appears they do not want to here.

What do you think about learning like this? Do you learn well through sharing of stories or lessons from the past? Do you often get ideas that come from flashbacks to similar circumstances to what is right in front of you?

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